Laila Grainawi

Vivid Seats


Create an experiential footprint at key events; ideally working in tandem with their On Site Services where event-goers need to pick up tickets. 

Vivid Vending - reinforcing the messaging of buying tickets with Vivid Seats earns you rewards; plus satisfying a request to help event-goers interface with the app (in downloads, email sign ups, and interactions).

With a shift in accessibility of locations in key festivals and events- and needing to reuse the creative from location to location throughout the summer- the pitch pivoted to the Vivid Seats Lucky Roller. Retaining all the fun and surprise/delight of the Vivid Vending, but now a mobile “gumball machine” of sorts, packing all the brightly hued eye-catching vividness of the brand, and filled to the brim with fun swag and VIP prizes. 

Push Play Creative Agency
Danielle Zenk-Tils - Creative Director
Giuliana Pinto - Sr. Art Director / Experiential Designer
Carsen Ott Verdin - Senior Account Manager
Laila Grainawi - Sr. Art Director / Experiential Designer (Freelance)
I worked on the concepts and mocks for 1 - Vivid Vending and Swag, 2 - Best Seats (Big Chairs + Lounge) and Add-on Experiences + and The Bonus: On-Site Services footprint.

Concepts, mock, and pitch design
The winning concept
Lockers, swag mock, lifestyle staging
Interaction + Data Collection 
Mocked on device
Various swag mocks and colorized for pitch

Concepts, mocks, deck design

Deck design, mocks, branding, copywriting

Concept, mocks, deck design

The concept pivot
Internal deck as we worked through the pivot
I was responsible for the Brand Ambassador outfit creative direction, sourcing, and mocks.

Worked with production company to bring the cart to life. 3D renders as we developed the ideas. 

Internal Deck + communication within the team. The biggest challenge with the pivot was changing the scale of the swag and ensuring all the items could fit within the oversized “gumball” machine. Helped source and mock additional ideas for pitching to the client for under 3” wide items. 

I also designed the BA Manual and Handbook to coordinate with the activation. Copy was provided by internal team and stakeholders. 

Also designed the shot list as a trifold tear sheet to ensure the client had the winning photographs of the Lucky Roller in action!