Laila Grainawi

Target x Timberwolves


Create a fun, engaging activity for Timberwolves fans at the Target Center that helps to celebrate both Bullseye and Crunch.

The Howl Zone was created to bring together basketball fans and capture their rallying cry. The interactive booth features a gif capture that fans can share to their socials, interactive LED panels on the outside that are responsive to sound, as well as a live feed of the gifs that are captured in the booth that are displayed on the outside monitors. In addition to this experiential activation, an in stadium 'Howl Off' was also conducted during the game where two fan sections went head to head to give their loudest howls and went home with Target gift cards!

Push Play Creative Agency
Danielle Zenk-Tils - Creative Director
Giuliana Pinto - Sr. Art Director / Experiential Designer
Carsen Ott Verdin - Senior Account Manager
Laila Grainawi - Sr. Art Director / Experiential Designer (Freelance

Hunt + Capture

Target Workshop