Laila Grainawi

Jameson Sotheby’s International Realty

Seasonal Graphics - Spring 2021

Produce seasonal graphics for agent and company use to keep our business top of mind with email and social distribution.

Art direction, set design + fabrication, stop motion, graphic design

Caitlyn Terrell - CMO
Laila Grainawi - Creative Director
Set design and photography
Excerpt from the social media guidelines I produced, including Art Direction for the project category above “Seasonal Graphics” with sketches in upper right. This farmer’s market series was a direct by-product of these guidelines and new direction for the social channels + brand presence I outlined.

Holiday Cookies - 2020

Social media graphics for the holiday season to create catalysts for engagement and boost brand awareness by distribution of feel-good content for agents and staff.


 Art Direction, Surveys, Graphic Design, Content Creation

Winter Tablescape - 2021

To correspond with the cookie social media graphics, I made a winter tablescape menu and recipe card design for the agents and company to use for their winter tablescapes. 

National Swimming Pool Day - 2020

A social media calendar rotates around the National Days. They are a fun way to create content for unexpected items. For our luxury real-estate brand National Swimming Pool Day became a way to highlight properties with aspirational pools. 

We plussed up the content by stretching to a week of festivities including long-form blog content and designed graphics for agent and company use for their own promotion to their unique platforms. 
Best of Pools | SIR Affiliate Collection - Blog Content 
Plunge Worthy Pools Across Chicagoland - Social-First Content
Take A Dip | Swimming Pools That Cut The Heat - Blog Content
Seasonal graphics for agent and company use
Trend Spotlight | Pools - Blog Content
Thanksgiving Tablescape

Designed a series of mix and match even printables (released for agent and company use)

Menu/Template Design, Set Design, Art Direction, Photography.