Laila Grainawi



How to take an app that feels lightweight, irreverent, and cheeky (it trolls spam callers with answer bots!) and evolve it into a brand that reflects its inner workings as a serious scam suppression machine? 

The brand had recently completed a refresh, but failed to address the current users in the stylistic decisions. The Mosaic Group in-house agency took on this project to evolve the campaigns from ‘spam is annoying’ to ‘scam is a serious threat’ while still demonstrating the unique value this app brings to the marketplace, which is making a scary topic approachable, and scam prevention fun. 

The first priority was to better understand our users. Partnering with Marketing and User Research we rolled out a new onboarding survey to capture first-party data to really firm up who we were addressing with the core brand and messaging. Previously there had been hesitation to add bulk to the technical onboarding, but with convincing of the value-add, we were able to implement with conversion rates at 99.5% and 99.8% on iOS and Android respectively a year later. 

Now knowing our target demo is in the 60+ age range and other key user data, we looked to audit the current creative. The previous approach was designed to shock, and capture your attention using tricks like phones ringing at the start of the commercials, triggering an annoyed reaction from our viewers. This worked well from a performance marketing perspective, but did little to support the brand narrative of protecting you from annoying spam calls. As we looked to evolve our messaging into a more sophisticated stance, we also looked to see where we could evolve into 360-campaigns and carry that experience through the product design for a holistic approach to brand integration. 

We went through an RFP process in order to leverage external agencies for a supplemental design system that could be used across teams. I determined that Studio Mals won the bid and had them build out a robust Toolkit of flexible designs, which was then customized for motion design by our in-house team and prepared for release with instructional kit by our in-house brand team. 

As Robokiller continues to evolve, we scoped a new brand identity for a future-state of the product’s new positioning that is appropriate for the big ambitious goals we had for driving a web to app motion, as well as expanded feature offerings.

2022 App of the Year - Globee Business Awards
2022 Technical Achievement - Webby Awards
2022 Achievement in Product Innovation - Stevie Awards
2022 Best Use of AI and Machine Learning - Stevie Awards


Kathleen Barrett, CEO
Mark Lavoritano, CPO
Mike Vannucci, CMO
Giulia Porter, VP, Marketing
Laila Grainawi, VP, Design
Rachel Sanfilippo, Director, DesignOps

Zlatko Klemenic, Lead Brand Designer
Crissy Milazzo, Lead Brand Strategist
Emily Cheng, Lead Digital Designer

Dan Vaneps, ACD, Art
Thomas Greenhalgh, ACD, Copy
Mike Oxendine, Sr. AD
Sarah Flores, Lead Copywriter

Stanislau Baukinvoch, Lead Motion Designer
Alexsandra Makovara, Lead Marketing Designer
Mikakali Kapachou, Sr. Motion Designer
LaQuan Allen, Motion Designer

Studio Mals (Robokiller Toolkit)

And many others from within my department who helped us deliver on the goals we set out to achieve. 
        Proposed brand evolution