Laila Grainawi

Revel Stoke


Create an experiential footprint at WeFest, a country music festival targeting a male demographic interested in sampling flavored whiskeys.

 Invite the event attendees into a spectacle of a custom fitted pontoon boat sailing on dry land, offering a range of custom hairstyles that are as bold as their flavors of whiskeys. Wheatpasted posters help to showcase the brand lineup encouraging sampling with helpful BAs and a branded partition ensure that we could ensure compliance with age regulations (check IDs). 

Push Play Creative Agency
Danielle Zenk-Tils - Creative Director
Giuliana Pinto - Sr. Art Director / Experiential Designer
Carsen Ott Verdin - Senior Account Manager
Laila Grainawi - Sr. Art Director / Experiential Designer (Freelance)

Build by River Rush Scenic

Mocks for the concept
Mocks for the concept
World building for the event
Part of the creative brainstorm to create the concept and layout