Laila Grainawi



iTranslate's text mode delivers translations in more than 100 languages. By default, the source language is auto-detect, so once the user begins to type it will detect the correct language. The user can also hit the switch button between the source and target input field to switch the dialects. It’s also possible to paste text in the input fields and copy the translation result.

Laila Grainawi - VP, Design / GCD
Zlatko Klemenic - Lead Brand Designer
LaQuan Allen - Motion Designer
Leigh Grubbs - Sr. Graphic Designer
Hannah Buhr - Sr. Graphic Designer
Emily Cheng - Sr. Digital Designer (CRM)
Crissy Milazzo - Sr. Copywriter + Brand Strategist
Sasha Niciphor - Product Design Director
Pierre-Yves Levices - Sr. Product Designer
Mirna Smrekar - Director, Product Management