Laila Grainawi



Continue producing marketing creative that responds to peak season weather events (hurricanes and inclement weather), while planning a rebrand and product expansion that would evolve the app’s market positioning. 

Plan a product expansion leveraging our success during severe weather to embed Clime more deeply into users’ day-to-day.  Introduce streamlined navigation and improved UX for core map features while moving towards our north star brand vision. We will also create flywheels that can drive referral acquisition and increase daily usage through community-oriented features - this will hinge upon our ability to capture personal information from users and reflect that back into the product experience.

To accomplish this we will organize around three primary investment opportunities to drive Clime’s OKRs:
  1. Own severe weather
  2. Find the community hook
  3. Crack daily use

Our objective was to turn Clime into a crowdsourced weather app with real time data, community engagement, and a rich database that helps users during extreme weather events occurring across the globe.

We aimed to move the marketing and advertising creative storytelling towards these pillars, while simultaneously working towards a complete rebrand to evolve the app positioning as the Product experience evolved. 

We introduced more humanistic campaigns, integrating more people-centric imagery to show how the Clime app intersects with your daily life. We also wanted to ‘own’ severe weather, so we tried to create both educational and informative campaigns that helped people prepare for weather events, in the same way the app notifications would help people with awareness. 

In order to carve out a niche in a busy product category (weather) my brand team executed critical competitor analysis as well as surveyed key stakeholders to better understand the market fit we were aiming for in the future state. The top half of the visuals shown here represented how we shifted the marketing creative during the ‘bridge’ period and the second half of the portfolio showcases the brand presentations that were shown internally to help stakeholders align on the vision and understand the target audience through user entry-points to the product and their journey. 


Kathleen Barrett, CEO
Mark Lavoritano, CPO
Mike Vannucci, CMO
Giulia Porter, VP, Marketing
Laila Grainawi, VP, Design

Julian Bossiere, UX Design Lead
Carlos Oliveria, Sr. Director, PM

Thomas Cranston, Brand Director
Zlatko Klemenic, Lead Brand Designer
Crissy Milazzo, Lead Brand Strategist

Thomas Greenhalgh, ACD
Michael Oxendine, Sr. Art Director

Stanislau Baukinvoch, Lead Motion Designer
Alexsandra Makovara, Lead Marketing Designer
Mikakali Kapachou, Sr. Motion Designer
Dzianis Karpovich, Sr. Motion Designer
Yuliya Gromenkova, Sr. Motion Designer

Clime Picnic TV Spot 15s

Clime Winter Weather TV Spot 30s