interiors: house dreaming

i've been an apartment gal for so long

but recently we've been talking about houses.


i'm dreaming of painting walls-

soft, layered, hazy.

i'm dreaming of breakfast nooks,

with thonet chairs and marble tabletops. 

just big enough for a scone, a latte, and a notepad.

thinking of open shelving-

and ample space to display my dishware collections.

(and a cupboard or two for things that are best out of sight).

thinking about bedrooms 

that are light and airy like clouds...

with draping, swathes of fabric,

and crisp white sheets.


and dark like caves.

perfect for hibernating at night

and throwing open the window in the morning.

(i still need convincing on the all dark, bedroom cave...

but if i did go for it, the paint finish would have to be matte/flat

and there would have to be a very bright window!)

what do you daydream about?

what's your ideal house style?


i'll be posting more inspiration pictures

and sharing some of my current apt stylings

as the new topic 'interiors' 

grows on the blog!


xo, laila