from the shop

from the shop: something new


it's been awhile, hasn't it? 

first i was off to france, and then italy

and then, i moved to chicago!

wow, life. you sure do happen fast!

in the big shuffle of moving, 

i uncovered just how many finished items

 i had prepped for the shop, but was waiting to shoot and list. 

as soon as i unpacked and set up the new studio,

one of my first tasks was to tackle that "to photograph" stack

filled with an assortment of wearables.

these are one-off pieces, samples and styles that i was experimenting with.

i think they're all very fun and it will be nice to have some fresh items for the shop.


so stay tuned. next thursday, august 8th- i will be updating the shop! :)

see you next week! 


from the shop: the art of Lai Grai packaging

i don't know why my intro's & outro's did not work or show up in youtube. they said nice things like "the art of Lai Grai packaging" and the series name, like 'color in the water' 'spreading the ink' and 'details of a brush stroke'.  they are there in my video editing program. so i am still working out some kinks. but i am getting there in terms of videos! only took me WAY TOO LONG!

anyhow, enjoy these 3 clips - mixing of the colors, painting the foundation, and the top details. you can hear exactly what i hear when i paint: the sounds of the city- my J train going by in the distance, rain falling, little sounds like whistling, and noisy car engines. ha. enjoy!

next time, i'll put on some background music. :)

xo, laila

from the shop: august update!

i also updated the shop  yesterday, as promised in my july newsletter.


cider corespun hollow singles


worn petticoat corespun 2-ply aflush singles

new! to the adorn category- the stunningly gorgeous mothwing necklaces !


a mixed media collaboration - part of the lai grai & friends line - the charms and pendants were created by drucilla pettibone & i spun the yarns for the chains.


to continue with my curated vintage and mood-enhancing pieces,

i added this stunning vintage vanity set.

seriously, i wanted to blog just so i could post extra large photos from the shoot.

they are LOVELY!


this reflection in the mirror shot is by far my favorite! 


and to continue with my vintage findings- all these lovely pieces are coming soon to the shop!


oh! & new desktop calendar anyone? :)

it is now august after all!

august calendar

xoxo! laila

from the shop: match-maker

part of the fun of the build a batt bar is the mixing and matching.

pairing this bfl with that merino/tencel!

i know that starting off with just endless rows of colorful fibers though can be a bit overwhelming- what direction do you choose?

so to provide a colorful foundation for batt beginnings- and just for fun-

here's a few that i would pair together!  :)

lagoon merino


basil brown merino

batt bar - pairings!
batt bar - pairings!
batt bar - pairings!
batt bar - pairings!
batt bar - pairings!

what do you think?

what would you pair together from the

build a batt bar


let me know in the comments!

or in christina's fun

i dream of lai grai

wishful shopping ravelry thread!

hope you all are having a great wednesday!

xo! laila