found in nature

found in nature + patterns: cacti

i recently returned from hawai'i, visiting the island of oahu. 

since this was my second trip there, i had already seen lots of the traditional sights (diamond head, waikiki beach, etc.) so one of the few things on my to-see list was the koko crater botanic garden! 

inside of the giant koko crater, they have arranged an organic display of local plant life and region specific flora.  since it is rather tucked away, and the paths are unpaved, you feel like you are wandering the crater- discovering your own favorites out in the wild!

i especially loved the tribute to the americas with emphasis on the southwest. i have been keeping an eye out for interesting textures and patterns and these cacti were spot on! spike on? ;)

enjoy these pictures + the inspiration! 

xo, laila



found in nature: organic compositions

i love traveling to museums to soak up inspirations. some visits inspire more of my "need to capture on film" instinct though. aquariums in particular bring it out of me. i've found that i can easily go through hundreds of shots just on jellyfish! 

while on vacation in oahu, hawaii. we visited the waikiki aquarium. while the aqaurium was small, easily traversed in less than an hour, i was privy to a special moment with a special octopus. thank goodness for rapid shot capabilities! this whole little scene unraveled in about 5 seconds. 

i particularly loved the textures of the tentacles, and the compositions that are created as they coil and swirl through the water.