travel: grey days in paris

i woke up this morning to grey grey everywhere. 

i live for the sunshine. sunlight makes me smile and close my eyes and sink into the warmth radiating into my whole being. 

however, after spending a full week in the grey cold days in paris, i have new special spot in my heart for the absence of sun.

the weather then was much like it is now, low 40s, without a sunbeam to warm the white of the architecture. i snapped lots of photos of the stark contrast of white buildings and grey skies. 

i hope these little snippets from my time traveling in march help you cheer you on this chilly chilly october day.  

love, laila

sacre coeur in montmartre

a glimpse of sun, just after dawn.

artist studios at montmartre musee

detail of carvings at notre dame

hello! braving the cold and exploring the streets of paris!