deep thoughts: off to france

one chilly winter day

chris and i went for a walk

through prospect park

i took pictures of all the subtle colors

and the textures of nature


i've been putting together a portfolio

of my range of artistic skills

from watercolors to photography

to fibers to styling

it's in development,

but i was sorting through these images

awhile back to use.

the pictures have been sitting on my desktop 

and today

when i went to write a blog post about-

france and paris and my great adventures ahead

in my month long journey..


i could see these ducks, dipping in and out 

of a serene gray 


and it felt calm.

i've been jubilant and overwhelmed

and a bit bitter sweet at taking a hiatus

from everything that was once so frightening

(like new york city and its public transit!)

and is now so normal,

that i can go through my daily routine

(from the subway to the shop, back home again)

with my body and not my mind.

i've been in brooklyn for 4 years,

and it was high time for an exploration

of something new, of something other than 

what i currently experience 

day to day to day.


many people have asked what our definite plans are...

truth is, our plans are not fixed.

our plans are loose,

so if we fall in love with a town.

we can stay for longer.

so we can be open and free spirited.

we are flying in to paris (spending a week), 

then taking a train southwards,

to toulouse or perhaps stopping in limoges first,

then to carcassonne and following the coast eastwards

walking towards italy. we ultimately fly out of milan.

i want to stop in as many small towns as we can,

or as budget will allow, along the way. 

we have our first leg of the trip booked with accommodations,

so parents and loves can keep from worrying.


my goals for the trip are to:

- revel in all the beautiful small moments

- take many many photographs, but also, to remember to look

not through a lens, but with my eyes, open wide.

- taste everything. be the most open i have ever been.

- be nice to myself. it is a harder goal than one would think. 

but i push myself so much- to accomplish so much. 

to be productive every single day.

i once saw an illustration that said 

"happiness is productive"

and i need to remember that. 

so i can learn how to relax and let go of the anxious

and embrace 'just being'


here's to exploration and fueling the artistic spirit!

see you all in 5 or so weeks.