process: "indigo star" photos - for the previous post

chris said it was surprising

that i, a visual person,

didn't include any gorgeous images

with my last post

an ode to craft, a love letter to art

so here are a few coordinating photos

of what i was referring to and talking about.

my "indigo star"

as i lovingly referenced

all quilted and finished...

quilt all quilted

and the back

the back of my quilt #quilting #lines like a #map

and here are a few images of the 

process for creating 

the navy, indigo, grey and white

small quilt.

nani iro & liberty #quilt in progress
#quilt top so far. now to cut and sew more pieces.
making a quilt top today! #studioday
pieced and backed - now to quilt all the layers together
admiring it folded / enjoying all the little blocks and color play!

these are all from my studio or home,

snapped hastily with my iphone.

nothing fancy, but it documents the process.

and picture taking, i'm learning, is essential

to helping you SEE 

while you map it all out.

be back in a moment to share the development

of what i was calling a "bruised beauty" 

and how i've fallen in love

with chopping

large scale prints

into smaller compositions.