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color story: white (with natural elements)

we're all influenced by each other.

i know from working at purl that lots of color+color+color

an abundance of color saturation has rubbed off on me

(and it lots of other ways- has propelled me further into my earth tone palette)

recently while i've been freelance knitting for anthropologie (!!!)

{yes, that's what i've been up to, 

and why my shop has been getting a wee bit neglected!}

i've been even more into my favorite 

layered earthen bohemian style looks.

but this post is not about color on color, or layered patterns, 

it is about a natural beauty of soft fabrics billowing,

aging woods and white paint.

it is a tribute in a lot of ways to susannah.

who opened my eyes to white as an art. 

as a true color, 

instead of just

 an absence of what colors could be!

while i was home for christmas, 

i showed my mom how to use pinterest,

and created some joint boards for us to pin to,

to share with each other, 

and get excited over inspiring images together, 

from halfway across the country. 

one board i made, 

and i wish i had started on my own account is called

white with natural


just in case you've been missing out on the beauty 

that has been filling those virtual mood boards,

i'm sharing a smattering of my favorite images here. 


{via seda y nacar}

i think everyone dreams 

of having woven rugs to dip their toes into,

and beautiful daylight streaming through a gauzy canopy 

when they wake up.

i sure do!


{via me & alice}

string lights make the world more magical. i swear! 

if i was into buying stock (i'm not), i would get stock in string lights. 

they are twinkly and sublime all year long!

plus who doesn't want a

bentwood thonet

style chair?

especially in that gorgeous natural color!


{via sfgirlbybay}

sweet dreams are made of tables like these. 

those legs!  pure rustic beauty.

i would love to have enough space

 to have a table that big, 

and a bouquet that expansive!


{ via lolita}

white on white, checkerboard floors?!

now that's great texture and color contrast.


{via scandinavian retreat}

i would love to have a wood burning fireplace, 

and an amazingly, aesthetically pleasing 

place to store all my firewood!

plus who doesn't like 

white painted walls with textured panels

and an inset wooden window pane 

glass paneled display cabinet?

so nice. 

okay, so

that's my little ode to white!

with natural woods, too!

hope it made you smile

and feel very peaceful 

with all that calming neutral space.

my home will never look like this.

first i'd make something colorful, 

and then i'd paint a wall or three.

before you know it, 

my abode would be layered in lushness

and not at all white. 


to each their own!

xo, laila

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