holidays: have a holly jolly christmas

if you know me, 

then you surely know that

 i love holidays! 

i think holidays are a wonderful excuse

 for crafting and decorating

-- two things that i love, dearly!

i create bone letters for halloween

and ghostly cut out ghouls!

i often day dream about if i hosted thanksgiving

how i would craft everyone's place cards and 

the table settings i would choose.

but my most most most most favorite,

is by far, christmas!

i love sparkly tinsel,

and glittering lights 

perching on boughs of evergreen!

i love holly.

i love being jolly!

i also like that this holiday comes complete

 with it's own set of festive tunes -

we'll blame my dear dear mom for that one.

she started early on the xmas music!

and would listen to it full blast

 through christmas day.

so now hearing, i'll be home for christmas,

makes me think of my own home 

back in (snowier than new york) chicago.

so just in case you are feeling a little grinchy this year,

here's my little selection of some favorites

that i've spotted on the internet this year

to get you saying a little

ho ho ho

of your own!


these tree stamped papers

were especially adorable to me,

since i've been carving some stamps of my own.

(with varying degrees of success!)

in fact, after i finish this blog post,

i will have some egg nog

and carve a few more! :)


i love simple decor-

like natural pine garlands

and a stack of plaid blankets (

via country living



this blog post

has me wanting to

 fill a clear hurricane glass vase

 with a pile of lights


now i don't have kids, and it's already dec. 4th 

but oh! if anything made me want an advent calendar. 

it would be these tiny trees

topped with gorgeous calligraphy


via oh happy day!



i think this image from

this blog

would make a spectacular holiday card

and that's probably on my mind,

 since i'm crafting my own cards this year!

speaking of getting crafty with powdered sugar-

instead of fussing with frosting- 



for topping your holiday cake!


my ornaments are in storage, and i'm not doing a proper tree this year

- instead i'm doing a giant wreath!

did you see it? 


please excuse the quickly snapped iphone pic,

chris wanted to sit on the couch,

but i needed the couch in the frame to show the scale of it! 

i've also made a cranberry garland from real fresh cranberries,

and a mini bough of holly from felt. 

plus two pom poms that took me

 an extremely disproportionately long

 amount of time!

still to come: holiday card making,

and light stringing, and snowflake cutting!


back to my favorites.




if i had room to hang ornaments,

i would make some of

these gingerbread ones


or i'd make a batch of these

spiced gingerbread nature cookies

to eat while i sip my hot cocoa!


i'm sure i'll keep finding more,

so if you want to follow along with the latest-

check out my pinterest board

holiday feelings


happy holidays!

xo laila