art experiments: color and light

a little under a year ago, 

back in december 2011 

 i went on a photo shooting expedition

to my friend bill's house


we played with incense smoke and projectors

color and light


i took almost 800 photos that day,

so getting around to cropping 

and editing them

 like i had envisioned,

 took a long long time. 

i sat down today and made two albums.

culled from the hundreds - a cut of only 29 images.

that's pretty ruthless editing in my opinion.

so i hope you enjoy 

take time to view them big and on black.

picture them super large scale.

and enjoy the little gif-style movie

i made, too!

it was for showing you the smoke, and how fun it was 

to lean in, shift the focus, watch the colors transition

and snap snap snap snap.



p.s. if you click on any of the images below,

you can view them in lightbox

(big & on a black screen!)