deep thoughts: greenmarket + good days

today has been a good day.

i'm remembering to take time for me, to move slowly, to enjoy the drizzly days and each moment.

i woke up, took an extra hot long leisurely shower (one of my favorite simple pleasures!).

cleaned my closet and brought my laundry to p&p (they've been washing+folding my clothes since i moved in about 2 years ago, another one of my favorite little splurges!), 

then i stopped at marlow&son's 
for a large latte with whole milk
(another pleasure- i will never ask for skim lattes. 
the whole full fat flavor is what started my love affair with lattes 
in the first place!)

i love that their lattes have a slightly nutty flavor, 
and they take the time to pour the frothed milk in slowlllllyyyyy 
letting the ripples transform into a leaf pattern. 

i like to sip and watch the patterns shift. 
i specifically turn my cup and watch the designs stretching out 
with each deliciously warm little gulp.

then i walked, not rushing at all, through the misty rain, to the train. 
when i got to the top of the stairs, the M pulled up. 
if you live in nyc, you know how rare that can be. 
and my timing is never that perfect. 

at union square, the green market is getting less and less green.
root veggies have taken over,
but there was still an abundance of apples and pears!

i picked up a few pounds of bosc pears to make a tart.

fennel root and potatoes for a soup.

and some cilantro that stopped me in the booth, 
letting my nose lead the way.
it smelled that good! 
and there hadn't been any for weeks.

butternut squash hopped in my bag too,
along with red onions and a coleus plant.

buying non-edibles at the market 
(mums a few weeks ago, and now this autumnly hued coleus)
is another one of my little treats to me.

when i got home, my downstairs neighbor was sitting outside.
he went to culinary school, and we've been having food convos whenever we see each other.

i told him about my pear plans
and he offered up a pate sucree recipe for my tart.
i told him if it turned out halfway decent, i'd bring him a slice or three. 
i love our little culinary chit chats.

and now, 
i enjoyed a moment, sharing my day with you. 

and i wanted to say thank you
to cindy, xiane, dru, dani and maya and everyone who has reached out. 
your words of kindness have really made it easier to keep moving.
so much love to you all!