from the shop: the art of Lai Grai packaging

i don't know why my intro's & outro's did not work or show up in youtube. they said nice things like "the art of Lai Grai packaging" and the series name, like 'color in the water' 'spreading the ink' and 'details of a brush stroke'.  they are there in my video editing program. so i am still working out some kinks. but i am getting there in terms of videos! only took me WAY TOO LONG!

anyhow, enjoy these 3 clips - mixing of the colors, painting the foundation, and the top details. you can hear exactly what i hear when i paint: the sounds of the city- my J train going by in the distance, rain falling, little sounds like whistling, and noisy car engines. ha. enjoy!

next time, i'll put on some background music. :)

xo, laila