new growth

i love spring.

mesclun sprouts

sprouting mesclun seeds thanks to drucilla

fresh new growth, pushing to the top of the soil.

i feel a renewed energy- to create, to mix my medias. like i used to.

i've been stitching. i've been knitting. i've been spinning. i've been thinking.

i'm still adjusting to my new schedule. my days shifted around again.

i'm trying to stay flexible- both mentally and physically. if my feet are too sore to spin- well then i will knit. and if my fingers are aching, then i'll sit at my sewing machine and let the hum surround me. and sometimes i just embrace idleness. letting my mind do all the work.

color crush

color crushes

color crush - april's club batt all spun + fiber from faun + my new sewn skirt + knitted icord

in those moments, new designs have been brewing.

and for once, i am happy to say that my "item of the month" is ready at the beginning of the month!

can you believe that? me neither really, but i am just happy it is :)

i'll show a sneak peek now- but the listing should go up today or tomorrow! :)

sneak peek

+ don't forget- may's free desktop calendar is ready for download!

may's desktop calendar!

i took this photo last week on wednesday when the weather was perfect.

i walked up to the park along the river up by n. 11th.

i took some seriously lovely photos of the skyline,

 but when i got back to the computer-

 the reflections in the water were the ones that made me feel oh-so-summery!


hope you all are staying creative and happy!

lots of love,