purls of joy!

hello hello!

i've been MIA- but this time for a reason!


my email went down. 

and when i say down, i mean, WAY DOWN.

first i didn't have any of my email history. 

then i was locked out of my acct while they "fixed it"

and well, i have to give them serious props for actually fixing it!

my email finally returned approx. 3 days later with - as far as i can tell- 

no missing content. whew!

but serious apologies for being even more 'gone' than usual! 




some exciting news 

as to why there has been less laila around the internets...

i am now working at


you may know of this wonderful yarn+fabric shop

located in the hip soho 'hood

because of their super fantastic

purlbee blog


of being a member of the purl family!

i have about 15 new co-workers / yarn+fabric friends!

and they are all seriously sweet people! 

the entire place is a colorful candy shop of textile delight! 

we have a table at the front of the shop filled with 1 skein swatches

of almost every yarn in the shop! 

each employee gets to knit a swatch (or more), 

& i'm working on a swatch of a brand new

alchemy yarn


(i'm using colorway 'gold & grace')

that has just arrived on the shelves! 

it is wool, silk and mohair and woooweee, it is fantastically fluffy!

sneak-y peek:

the ball band calls for it to be knit on size 13s-

the coworkers and i thought that maybe not...

10s were decided to be the winning #,

but as the vanille sweater is currently occupying those needles,

i cast on a swatch for my swatch (haha, i know!)

on size 9s.


speaking of my 'vanille' sweater...

would you like to see some progress on that as well?

here ya go! 

the start of our

'vanille' knit-a-long*

hoorah! i picked out some delicious


farmhouse andy's merino

' in pecan pie colorway

and have cast on in the size XS, knitting steadily

& starting to shape for the shoulders+sleeves!

aren't those caramel browns and peach tones 

with flecks of dusty purple and goldens


i'm loving this variegated yarn so far!! :) 


oooh! i'm also making some good headway on my first pair of 

magic loop, toe up, two at a time, socks! woo! 

that's a lot of knitting descriptors there ;) 

want to see some of that too?

 pretty stuff, right? i love the soft muted tones! 

this is being knit in a schaefer yarn 

that i got at vulcan's rest in chesapeake city, md

when i went to visit jesse's fam over xmas!

you can see more details on both of these works-in-progress

on my

ravelry project page

! :)


...and now for a story!

here's a funny thing about me + purl soho...

wayyyyy back, when i first moved to new york,

almost TWO YEARS AGO to this day,

i visited purl soho back when they were 

two freestanding stores on sullivan street

 (purl soho & purl patchwork w/ another shop betwixt them)

and i popped in, and nervously chatted with the sales girls, 

inquiring if they carried any indie-dyed or indie-spun yarns...

i remembered them being oh so friendly, SO friendly! 

we talked and we talked and chatted

and finally, nervous little me, got up the courage to hand them

some small 'samples' of what were really leftovers from larger skeins

of handspun rawfish designs yarns.

yes! seriously! i just handed them baby skeins of yarn & a biz card!

because i had no idea how to go about getting your stuff in stores then.

i heard back from them via email a couple weeks later

thanking me for dropping them off, and then a few months later,

that they wanted to only buy wholesale, & at the time,

i had only just started consigning! 

so they let me know that

i could come by and pick my samples up anytime.

well, i didn't pick the baby skeins up.

and i never approached any other yarn store in nyc. 

i only loved purl.

and pretty much forgot all about it.

& then, i got this job at purl.

and my new coworker faye said to me, 

you look really familiar. 

and we decided that i hadn't visited purl often enough

to be considered a regular,

& i had no idea how she knew me, 

although i thought she looked familiar too... 

untillllll, the next day- faye came in and said, 

did you drop off yarn samples at the sullivan street shop?


& not only did she *remember* me AND my yarn,


and now i have them back.

isn't that the craziest, most incredible thing ever?! 

hope you all are having a wonderful sunday!

& i'm glad i got a couple hours to catch up with you all! 

i'd love to hear what's new in your lives-

let's chat in the comments!

or visit the ravelry group for more daily hellos! :)