winter cheer

it is cold and gray today
and it really feels like winter is here.
the christmas trees are out on the streets in nyc!

It's beginning to look a lot like Xmas (Brooklyn, NY)
{photo of trees out on metropolitan & bedford in williamsburg by ardenstreet}

susannah (my future mother-in-law) and i
already went ornament shopping
& got jesse this adorable+silly weiner dog
with glitter dipped ears and tail
and he's wearing a hat and little socks- haha!
plus jesse and i brought back boxes of decorations
from delaware when we went home for thanksgiving.
today, i'm going to tidy our apartment and start decking the halls-
as a merry little surprise for him when he gets home from work.

i think it will be so much nicer to spin 
(and sip my new peppermint mocha flavored coffee!)
in a very festive home environment! 

i have started getting a little winter cheer over here-
first i created these new neck*knits
which would be the perfect gift for your fiber friends!
hand knit chains with handspun yarn bobbins on wooden spools-
i even picture the "bamboo forest" green necklaces as BFF lockets almost,
one to keep, one to share! :)


AND - i made a little something something for you, dear blog pals!
i give little bits of fun & discounts to my newsletter friends, 
but i was thinking and i realized it would be fun to make something 
to give + share with everyone! 

so as my little way of bringing some festive cheer into your home-
feel free to pass this link along and deck out your desktop! hehe

december- free desktop calendar!

{to download: click on the photo above & go to "all sizes" or click the link above}

i have to say, i've been using just this image 
(before i added the calendar part) as a desktop all november
to get in the holiday spirit and it really works!!

last year i was using burgundy and mint as my xmas color palette,
this year is so much more about creams and golds and silvers.
i'm excited to keep sharing all my decorating and gift-y seasonal fun over here...

i love this time of year!
bundles of big chunky knitted blanket and mugs of cocoa!
what's not to love?

Whit's Knits: Pixie Dust Lap Blanket
{handspun blanket by thepurlbee

i actually have plans of knitting a great lap blanket-
the one above is a free pattern from the purl bee
& i think it would be so fun to spin some corespun 
and whip something like this up!
it's the big+fluffy stitches that really have me swooning!

so how about that? 
posting hiatus- and i come back with new products,
free calendars and a fun pattern i found online to boot. 
how about some music too? :)

enjoy this little song by edward sharpe
and i hope you all have a great tuesday!

be sure to share what you are planning for the holidays this year in the comments!
i'd love to hear all about it!! 


p.s. another post is coming soon about my show at the maker's market-
which was so much fun! big thanks again to my helpers- rachel & jesse!
and the wonderful support of sus & ed- all you guys are the best ever!