build-a-batt bar!

over at

i am trying to keep things interesting

... like rolling out new products that i think are super fun.

last week i was all about the festive garlands

and this week,

a little something something 

for the spinners, felters, & fiber fiends!

i launched my brand new idea

the Build-A-Batt Bar!

i am selling my hand-dyed fibers by the ounce!

no pesky pre-weighed or pre-selected fiber packs-

you get to choose exactly what you would like in your batt

and in the exact quantities you desire!

as luxe as you want it!!

i was inspired by build-your-own-sundae bars,

and candy shops brimming with colorful treats...

i also LOVE to share my fiber stash with my batt club members

 and just about anyone who comes over to visit

gets the grand tour & ends up feeling merinos and cashmeres

before they leave!

i used to have a thread in

my ravelry group


i showed pictures of what fibers & colors i was currently stashing

...the build a batt bar enables me to share my fiber stash

with all my favorite fiber friends! 

and the more you buy- the more fibers i will be able to stock!

i am so so so excited about it!!

since the grand unveiling yesterday- i had a few batt orders :)

& i wanted to show photos to all my blog pals

of the build-a-batt bar in action!

this batt was custom designed by dani of


(if you're reading this dani, sorry for spoiling the batty surprise! ;))

i was really really excited to card this one up

because dani did not add ANY roving to her mix-

this batt is entirely fleece and luxe add-ins 

which i have never done before!


dani picked:

throwsters silk


coopworth fleece

in two colors, 

merino x fleece

in two colors, and




and asked me

to card it all up

for her!


i started layering the fibers on the drum, 

coopworth & merino first!


& more & more!


mmm texture!


the cranking in motion! wooo!!


& the final resulting super super super textured batt!


heaps of silk threads!!


tons of excellent crimpy fleece


bamboo for smoothness & shine!


mmmm batt-y goodness!


and there you have it!

the build-a-batt bar!


i will be listing new add-in's to the bar DAILY

for the entire holiday season!!

{in lieu of my usual friday updates}

so you all can mix and match and sample new fibers

without big the ounce commitment!

i have so so so many more fibers to add still-

ecospun, angora, more bfl, more colors!

and would you guys be interested in UNDYED fibers too?

let me know in the comments!!

so keep checking the


main page

or browse by loose fiber type-

for the latest goodies

to have

me card them up 

or you can spin them loose

or even card them yourself if you please! <3

hope you are as excited

about this fun new feature

as i am!

hugs hugs hugs!