dead horse bay

hello again blog friends!!

i'm back from YARNCON!

& already back into the work swing of things.

a couple made to order batts were whipped up 

and then BATT CLUBS!

i love it when the new spots in the clubs are available.

fresh faces, fresh inspirations. 

{if you're in the club

and don't want to know the inspiration & the results

for this month's batts- don't read any further!}

 so... onward!

a few weeks ago, i went to

dead horse bay

with julie, brian & jesse

in brooklyn. 

now the beach is at the bottom of brooklyn

and on the drive there you almost forget that

you are only 30 minutes from the city.

it starts to feel like suburbia and then like the countryside.


when we arrived, it took a long time to find the bay.

it was not exactly clearly labeled and the few local folk

around us had no idea what i was talking about

when i asked them how to get there.

they had never heard of it!


it used to be a mill or factory of some sort 

that processed horse bones + other animals for manure (maybe glue?)

and then became a landfill (or maybe a bottle factory first?)

and then they moved sand in from jamaica bay to connect the islands.

anyway, it is a mix of beautiful nature

and fantastic vintage glass bottles

and trash.


and between the sea glass and pieces of ceramic

and the vintage bottles washed smooth with time and the tide...

it occurred to me, 

will future generations be picking through our waters

for those beer bottles and aluminum cans?

will our trash become collectible vintage ephemera for them?


vintage bottles have a special history for jesse & i.

jesse's grandfather (pop pop) collected bottles, 

and we have a handful of his finds in our collection.

so it was especially sentimental to be on our own,

having a hunting & gathering, honoring his memory.


at one point, we were all knee deep in the water.

realizing the sun had dipped farther into the sky 

and perhaps high tide was approaching. 


trash had overwhelmed that side of the bay- 

and our choices were go all the way back around, 

or proceed past this stretch of water

where it went over my hips.


{jesse finding & cleaning a jug}

safe and sound on the other side, 

tote bags brimming with bottles.


we had made it back.


oh what an adventure!


this month's clubbers got to share in the experience with me,

they each got a luxury fiber batt inspired by my outing

and the photographs- translating the color palette 

of dead horse bay into something spinnable!

the batts are triple carded (to be smooth like sea glass)

with locks and noils and neps (to be like the bits of rubble on the shore)

and each clubber got their very own vintage glass bottle from the beach.

(complete with a little message in the bottle on vintage book paper)

- wrapped up in tussah silk, to protect it on the journey to them!


happy october!

love, laila