good indeed!


after meeting up with tara of

blondechicken boutique

and walking around soho + eating



& ogling the marble filled ny library-

we parted ways directly in front of

bergdorf goodman


now, i was recently gifted a copy of their fall catalog-

and between the giant glossy pages

i was wooed.



piazza sempione

: gray jacquard matelasse coat of wool, acrylic & polyester}

but that was nothing compared to getting to SEE

& FEEL some of the biggest brand name

designer collections in person.




: burgundy/multicolor handknit napa tote}

obviously anything with TEXTURE

was where i was headed.

and as i walked aimlessly..

(sticking out like a sore thumb, 

wearing flowing blue silk tank with orange straps, 

gray tweed oversized shorts and purple suede flats- 

between rows of ladies decked in pearls and expensive handbags-

although a sales lady did comment that she liked my shirt)

i gently trailed my fingers on



& touch

pringle of scotland

rows of draping geometrical knits

and examine a seamless knit pocket on a

jil sander


i knew that this is where i want to be.



manolo blahnik

: black stretch polyester "paschi" boot}

now, i might not talk about it much,

but i read a lot of fashion blogs.

when i was a sophomore in high school, 

i was in a fashion class, and i put on two runway shows.

in high school my fashion muse was:

anna sui

w/ her dark & gothic, meets girly vibes.

& i was thoroughly impressed with


's inventive advertising campaigns.




: red/black melange wool and cashmere cable knit coat,

brown color block wool and nylon knee socks}

however, my sewing machine and i are timid friends.

i know how to use it. but just like with knitting and crochet, 

i never found a love of patterns.

maybe it's my true inner rebel saying- 

i won't follow any directions.

and well, let's just say the fashion world doesn't quite work like that.

but for knitting & crochet, oh-oh-oh, 

i feel like THAT,

that, is where i excel.

i can sculpt forms on the dressform

and crochet them together.

inventing new stitches.


when it comes to designing with wool, 

i understand the FIBER

so i don't need to listen to words on a paper.

i can listen to the yarn itself- as it forms in my hands.



tory burch

: black merino wool sweater w/ matte black sequins}


i just wanted to share some inspirations.

5 days until i leave NY to start my road trip to IL.


here i come!



{all photos are scanned from bergdorf goodman designer collection fall 2010 catalog- & as such are linked to the bergdorf goodman online website}