catch up


i can't believe it's september already.

time is flying!

so let's play some catch-up.

the latest & greatest of what i've been up to recently.

:•: craft show prep :•:

making inventory for


is going slowly but steadily. 

i have amassed just under 50 items in

my etsy shop


and now we are at the 2 1/2 weeks until the show deadline.

so i'm going to be taking a listing/update hiatus

in order to be in full-time prep mode!

farm fresh fibers

if you are in the chicago-land area,

mark your calendars for october 2nd 

at the pulaski park fieldhouse 

from 10am-4pm

to come see me in person & chat about woolens!

i will be stocked w/ goodies at the show, 

including new items that have yet to debut in the online shop,

like dyed alpaca/silk roving, dyed cultivated silk braids,  dyed firestar,

preview of the winter crochet line & so much more!

i still have LOTS to do! 

but i think it is all going to be so much fun!

:•: winter line :•:

wow! where to start?

since we last chatted about my progress 

(or lack thereof)

i kicked myself into gear-

i made a mood board:

winter mood board

i've been spinning a LOT

winter (bamboo singles)


winter (off the bobbin)


and working on some new pieces!


(this design has been simplified & altered already, 

but i like to start by draping on my dressform)

:•: new website :•:

if you haven't checked out

in awhile,

i would suggest having a pop over there!

i spiffed it up a bit (and the blog too!) with new headers + page designs.

i'm still working on designing a cohesive header for the etsy shop as well,

BUT speaking of shops... there's a new shop in town too!

if you click on the "where to buy" page on my website

you will see all the brick & mortar shops

where you can scoop up some Lai Grai goodies

+ one NEW b&m shop in portland, oregon that is COMING SOON! :) :)

and if that wasn't cool enough- i also have

a new online shop


you can sign up for the latest round of the batt clubs

for Oct, Nov & Dec in the new Lai Grai shop! :)

plus, i'll be adding any of the merch leftover from YarnCon to that shop.

so bookmark it for future reference :)

the background of my new shop features an embroidery sampler

i completed recently on vintage linens :)

practicing surface stitches :)

i'm really happy with how it turned out.

i was practicing all my surface stitches

& seeing if i could freeform embroider.

i found out i really love the "chain" embroidery stitch.

no surprise there since it mimics crochet chains too! :)


wrap up


welp, i think that's everything!

oh! hehe, it was my birthday yesterday too.

now i'm 24. just in case you were wondering.

i got a lot of lovely comments & cheer on my social networks

and it really made my day to have all the fiberistas support!

plus random!

i've been watching a lot of the tv show "louie"

featuring louis c.k. on hulu -

and much to my surprise

when jes looked up my celeb bday matches on IMDB

mr. ck & i are bday buddies!

if i had known that ahead of time,

i would've tried to mail him a hat or something.

(he's balding and who doesn't want a warm head?)


hope you all are eager for fall!