winter wonders


so i know i just sent out

my fall newsletter


and really summer is just ending.

but in order to stay ahead of the curve

(and to realistically be able to 

knit all my products before the holiday rush)

winter collection- color palette

i have to start thinking 


ruffled capelette

i have ONE piece for the collection

almost finished...

this ruffled capelette seen above.

and i have a yarn ready for another piece.

this chain ply shown below.

yarns for winter

and i started making more supplies for more pieces.

(like these i-cords seen below)

but the ideas aren't flowing as fast as the ply away collection.

yarns for winter

maybe because summer isn't even over 

& i'm trying to throw mental snowballs!

what's your favorite part of winter?

what knitted pieces would really make the season for you?

winter just makes me think of cocoa & snow forts.

of big heaps of blankets and snuggly sweaters!


to get myself more in the snow mood...

here's a late summer trip to winter wonderland via my flickr favorites ::

Lost In The Snow
Mont Blanc climb
Dutch winter carpet
winter window
玉龙雪山-Jade Dragon Snow Mountian
Winter im Odenwald


winter im odenwald


ahhhh- that's more like it!

-jack frost nipping at your nose-

love, laila