vintage travels

journey to the vintage shop

proved rather fruitful

scooped up some pale pink linens

with crocheted edging,

perfect for embellishing with my embroidery

a small hankerchief already stitched

with a small flower motif

and this gorgeously embroidered

vintage table runner.

you can see the lines where the designer had mapped out

future stitches

you can still see the imprint of the hoop!

for only $5!

it was there weeks & weeks ago when i went.

and i resisted (before i caught the embroidery bug)

i don't know if i have the skills to finish it...

or if i would want to...

for now, i will just admire the handiwork...

i'm leaving new york for a week...

so i figured i'd leave you all with some images of my town

this is one of my favorite buildings.

has these lovely staircases adorning the sides

and this one down by the water:

oh what gorgeous coloring!

like it spent a night in a raku kiln,

tinted by the ashes!

daisies down by the shore

i forsee some more flowers in my life...

i'm headed on vacation.

i can't wait!

see you all when i get back on august 14th! :)

love, laila