mmmuffins - a test in baking

now i know this is primarily a yarn blog

but mmm-mmm 

do i love a tasty treat!!!

so when i stumbled across this awesome 

pastry & baked goods blog


strawberry & cream muffins


i knew i needed to partake!

strawberries & cream muffins

now i made a few modifications

mostly due to the fact that i haven't baked in awhile

and didn't realize the dire state of my pantry

until, of course, i was well on my way w/ the recipe!

the original recipe calls for cream cheese 

and well i didn't have any

(i knew that going in)

but i did have goat cheese, 

totally acceptable switcheroo 

b/c it's still a cheese & still tasty!

it called for 4 oz of it, and i had a 4 oz package

but i used some for a salad

so i made up the difference by using a little greek yogurt.

strawberries & cream muffins

next, i ran out of vanilla extract. 

well, none could be found in my cupboard,

and vague memories of me standing in an aisle saying

who knew vanilla extract was so expensive??

came trickling back to me... 

so to flavor my cheese filling, i sprinkled in some cardamom

strawberries & cream muffins

up next in the experiment of baking substitutions,

the recipe calls for a 1 and 1/2 cups butter

that's about a stick and a half.

i had two half sticks approx.

and i think, oh i'll swap in some olive oil...

alas, apparently i'm running low on that too-

so i only put in 1/4 cup oil.

then the recipe tells you to put 2 eggs in the butter/milk mix

well, in the step prior you use 1 1/2 tbsps of egg for the cheese mix

what am i going to with that leftover egg?

so i tossed that in & used only 1 more egg!

i still had no vanilla extract & certainly no almond extract

and the only extract i was stocking was PEPPERMINT-

which i'm sure would've been AWFUL with cheese! hahaha.

(i smelled them together just to see and it was not meant to be!)

so i left out all extracts for the rest of the recipe.

i'm telling ya, i was really daring the baking fates on this one!!

strawberries & cream muffins

now to mix the flour & dry stuffs...

oh look, just when you thought 

i couldn't possibly substitute any more,

i ran out of organic sugar-

now, if i had the foresight to know i'd run out of sugar,

i would have used another sweetener for the cheese mix.

but i didn't. 

so into the dry stuffs went 1/4 cup granulated sugar

and 1/2 cup brown sugar too!

i mushed it in really good to avoid lumps. 

well now,

my thought was, i'm a good cook.

in cooking you can wing it.

in fiber arts you can wing it!

in baking... notsomuch.

but i used to wing it in baking-

all the time. just throw stuff together

& pop it in the oven.

& make my little brother try them.


strawberries & cream muffins

so i thought, if this recipe turns out despite all my mods-

it is a darn good recipe indeed. 

and lo & behold. it did!

they were tasty! 

 i made 12 of them and i think we only have 5 left! 

it's only been 2 days! 

truly tasty!! 


strawberries & cream muffins

{this is the only semi decent photo i have

of the finished muffins

b/c we gobbled them up so fast!}


go make some of these


even if you're missing half the ingredients-

it's bound to turn out okay! 

love, laila