throw back

oh man! 

thanks for all your guesses you guys!

both here & on


i realized i had a LOT of different products

that i rolled out for rawfish over the years

and you guys reminded me of some awesome ones!

sara reminded me about the mystery batts! 

(everyone loves a surprise!)

madilyn thought the knitting needles were coming back 

(they are! just not yet :)) 

cindy guessed it was the felted soaps! 

(they smelled yummy- maybe those should return too?)

and sharon thought maybe it was the rawfish gift wrap...

(i loved all those doodles & bits!)

i SO appreciated all your guesses 

(and reminders of products past!)

that all FOUR of you get 10% off 



the newly returned, 

with a vintage ephemera theme,

BRIC-A-BRAC batts!!!


you might get bits of jewels!

bric-a-brac batt

you might get awesome old + foreign coins!

bric-a-brac batt

you might get vintage buttons + quirky spools of thread!

bric-a-brac batt

you will definitely get "vintage ephemera" colorway fiber batt-

double carded and topped off with many textured silks!

bric-a-brac batt


bric-a-brac batt

like a giant soft candy of fun filled surprises!

bric-a-brac batt

these are going to be made-to-order

& a limited edition of 25!

for $25 you get 2.5+ ounces of fiber & 1+ oz of fun bits! 

the example batt ended up at 3.8 ounces of vintage-colored delight!


watch out for the BRIC-A-BRAC batts.... 


the shop


love you all!