i completely blame

drucilla pettibone

for getting me hooked on embroidery

like i never ever was before....

sure, i own embroidery thread

- who doesn't?- 

i have stitched a few times...

but it wasn't until i went to her show "

from the tongue

" in new york

(focus on text-based embroidery / fiber art works)


joetta maue


that i was like, hmm... is this where the fiber art scene is?

{embroidery by bren



& jungeun


i ran into a surprising amount of people

i had met from the knit+wine meet-up group

{embroidery by drucilla pettibone}

the thought in my mind was... maybe THIS is where i belong too..

because previously, i had done a few embroidery pieces

using a sewing machine to create text on watercolor paper

for the ply away home collection.

but decided they weren't QUITE there yet...

and in college, i experimented with stitching

into foamcore to create yarn-line drawings.

i completed my first embroidery using handspun yarn on handmade felt

a couple weeks ago

and listed it in the shop on friday...

we are all threads

and i was so honored to have it sell immediately

to my dear friend, sharon.

we are all threads waiting to be braided

do you remember me blogging about i came up with this little bit,

"we are all threads waiting to be braided,"

while riding the subway here in NY.

studying the isolation. but the proximity to one another.

how we COULD literally reach out and change our perspectives.

but sadly, talking on the subways

is generally reserved for loonies or beggars.

and often it is a moment of peace

to recount your day

en route to the next phase of it.


after doing my little embroidery piece, i was at spacecraft

and saw "

alabama studio style

" on the shelf.

now, julie told me that natalie chanin had come to etsy labs

& did a whole talk & demo (i foolishly missed that week)-

and has a copy of the book at her apartment.

and then when i first met the lovely ladies of spacecraft,

cristina was working on an embroidery piece from one of natalie's kits.

it was so stunning to see up close.

and told me that mrs. chanin had also done a workshop there!

(drats!! missing all my chances i see)

so it made perfect sense that the book would be on the shelf in the store...

i thumbed through it and greatly admired all of the lovely handicraft

that went into each & every piece.

i was really impressed with the "friendship chairs"

which reclaim old wooden chairs

and weave new seats from vintage fabrics.


{photo courtesy of the chanin



oh! what a stunning idea.

i immediately wanted to make a set of chairs!

but the embroidery in the book is UNBELIEVABLE.

 so gorgeous!

if you're a fan of TEXTURE,

which if you're anything like me, you are!

you will just want to reach out & FEEL these pieces!


{photo from the alabamachanin website}

and to top it off, when i went a' looking to find the chairs for this here blog,

i instead found her




{photo from the alabamachanin website}

with COUTURE embroidery garments for sale.

oh my.


{photo from the alabamachanin website}


a bridal collection


please wire me a gazillion dollars.

i know what i want to wear to my wedding.


{photo from the alabamachanin website}

well, i don't quite know how to wrap up

after that loveliness

but i'll let the photos do the talking!

how do you guys feel about embroidery?

ever tried it?

i'm dipping my toe in... so far, the water's warm!