soft work

it's hard work running a fiber shop.

but i guess it's also SOFT work.

i get to play with the most luxurious fibers all day long.

i snapped this photo this morning,

and added a faded gradation to make it richer.

isn't it pretty?

really shows off those vintage bottles i got from suz!

i staged this photo as a 'leader' image for the new

spinning service in my shop

for whipping those batts into yarns :)


i ended up going with the simpler shot (only 1 bottle instead of two)

because once you add text then it's a clutter fest. ha.

but i couldn't resist sharing this one anyway!


i'm getting back to into making yarn-

thanks to the tour de fleece.

i've spun 3 yarns so far.

here's a recent one:

7/6 TDF

it feels so very winter-y to me.

crisp blues and soft fallen snow white.

i'm still drafting ideas for the next collection.

i'm using the TDF as a pinboard. to see what i'm being inspired by.

still a lot of love for browns and autumnal colors in my mind & heart though.


speaking of yarns, i'll actually be listing some for sale too!

it's the first time in a long time.

i was spinning a LOT but all the yarns were being hoarded to make knitwear.

now finally, i have some to share with you too!! :)

build a batt packs

along with 5 new "build a batt" packs! (shown above)

filled with luxury fiber ingredients for spinning as-is

or carding/blending with your stash!

each one contains a unique blend of fibers & fun!

i'll be listing some new batts too, 

at the shop update THIS FRIDAY,

for good measure :) 

ooh! don't forget- if you're playing along with the TOUR DE FLEECE, 

you all get

FREE SHIPPING in my shop until july 25th


just use code: TDFree at the etsy checkout.

& i will refund via paypal!

hugs & love! 



for those of you who are following along

with my full-timing it series, 

i have a wee bit of an update!

i applied to crafty bastards held in D.C. in october!

if i get in, that's a whole 'nother road block to tackle.

but i figured it was worth trying! 

october is much more my month for selling knits 

(versus july) hehe.