the latest

last weekend,

i went to delaware.

it was so great to see sus & ed

and spend some quality time with the family.

i was planning on swimming all weekend, 

but it was SCORCHING!

so so so hot.

muggy DE heat

i brought my camera, 

thinking the scenic lush greens of delaware

would inspire some new pieces.

but i only took two photos.


you can SEE the heat!!

delaware in the heat

it literally fogged up my camera.

& i started to freak, thinking

this can't be good for my equipment

so i dashed back inside.

handspun & crocheted wall art

{the ply away home backdrop, now a wall hanging}

but staying inside was not a bad thing...

i got to have multiple heart-to-hearts

with susannah 

sneak peek at new vest... in progress!

{new vest in progress}

sus and i talked all weekend about Lai Grai.

about my right people. 

about where to find them in NY.

she gave me books to read on marketing

(i've already started reading!)

she gave me a plan for finding the boutiques filled with my right people.

and how to make Lai Grai as real as i want it to be.

part of my homework is to draft a 5 year plan.

it's a bit intimidating!

like, eek, i'm an artist, i don't want to commit to 5 years

but then again, the whole rebrand was in acknowledgment 

that i had only gotten 3 years in with rawfish 

and was already dissatisfied with where the brand was...

lai grai was a response to that. 

i need a brand that i can stick with like my skin.

all 3 poms

i made a new oversized pom-pom 

(all 3 shown will be heading to the shop)

for scale (in the frames are two standard 4x6 postcards):

oversized handspun pom-pom

and i washed & dyed 3+ lbs of merino/targhee cross fleece

new dyes

and at least a pound more of merino!

and i'm working on new antique-y painted knitting needles

to go with the yarns from the TDF i'm going to list :)


love, laila