good times

hello gals & pals!

my dad was here visiting this weekend.


{dad in central park}

he cracked me up all weekend! 

so many laughs!

we played lots of card games & scrabble - best kind of fun!!

we had such a nice time.

lots of walking around the city.

enjoying the summer.


{i realized you don't get to see "me" a lot on this blog, so here i am! 

i like to sit at this park a lot. rocks + river. grand & river street in williamsburg}

we visited a couple piers & shores near my apt.

nyc skyline

{view from the pier by north 5th & kent in williamsburg}

+ walked from unique square through times square to central park!


{times square}

i had fun taking photos with my still-new-to-me camera.

i feel like each day i learn a little bit more about it.


{detail of stone carvings near the pond/fountain in central park}


{carousel in central park}

also, my dad got me a new sd card for it.

so instead of a mere 67 photos- 

i can now take 8.4K worth! haha :)

thank ya dad!!


{central park pond - plus vintage filters/effects}

so next time we go on an outing, 

i can really shoot to my hearts' content!



shop update is coming this friday!

(they happen every friday now)

rainy day batt

{rainy day batt - coming 7/16}

each week i'm going to try to make something new for you to enjoy!

last week i premiered "battpacks" - mixed fiber bags.

to spin out of the pack, or to card on your drum carder at home!

this week, i'm revamping an old rawfish product!

can you guess what it is?

if you can, i'll give you 10% off the mystery products' price! :)

leave your ideas in the comments!

you can always leave suggestions too!!

for new products, ideas for existing products, or just to say hello :)

love you all!