soak it in

this may have already gone 'round the blogosphere,

but it's new to me.

i had been meaning to order a catalog from




and well, they arrived so fast.

i have been known to order things & completely lose track of time.

or obsessively check the mailbox.

this one, i didn't have to do either. 

i literally ordered them, and then poof a day or so later,


all the way from the UK.

& i signed up for the clothing one,

and a whim, added house & home.

b/c i mean, i'm a big time nest-er. 

so i just gotta get in touch with that,

and after what felt like a bit of a bust 

with my recent impulse-buy of some house-decor magazine

i wasn't really expecting much.

i had been feeling kinda so-so about a lot of the big box house retailers for awhile now.

but mmm toast is gorgeous.

i definitely loved the house & home catalog

even more than the clothing one!


sun bleached


woven baskets brimming with wools

my favorite of late


i am in love with this giant hat.

the composition of this photograph.

the faded wall & her lovely yellow dress.


the lai grai brand image is inspired by art nouveau

the script of the letters.

the way the g curves!

these tiles really spoke to me, 

in the same way the lai grai font did.


okay, i know i have been mad about these rich deep colors,

almost like the lure of india ink.

but i will take a moment to say, 

i never thought pajamas could look so good.

i think it's the hat. and the yellow background.

i think green is my favorite color right now.

but before i thought that, i really thought it was yellow.


just pure loveliness. ah- nature!

look at how the grass naturally ebbs & flows.

the short & the tall. growing together.

napkins hovering like ghosts in a field.


i  hope you enjoyed those 4 or so pictures from



& three pictures from the clothing catalog.

& order yours! 

b/c they smell like real printing. heavy paper. 

it's nice to have a tactile catalog.

i had indesign at one point and i LOVED putting up my product shots and pretending.

maybe i'll make a mini catalog just for me!


& i hope these toast pictures inspired you!

i know they really made me happy.

and feeling oh, so, summery!

watermelons & rhubarb,


p.s. bought some rhubarb for a pie. so maybe some pie pictures tomorrow? love!