Lai Grai Launch

doesn't that have such a nice ring to it?


it's here!!!!!

well, not just yet. but is officially june 16th! 

and since i've already started some of the hard work of listing on etsy

i figured might as well show 'em off! 

enjoy the

4 new listings that went live tonight

at midnight!

and if you haven't had the pleasure yet, 

take a peek at the

ply away home LOOK BOOK.

i have to say, i am mighty happy with how they all look together!

i didn't even put ALL my favorites in. 

more to come tomorrow!

& even more at the party!!!!

(like the

dye-worthy fleece teaser pictures

i posted on flickr today!)

i'll leave you with this delicious "burnet" merino fleece to eyeball:

burnet - 1.05 oz - merino fleece

til tomorrow morning (8am!)


& love,