full-timing it!

hi everyone!!

(to counter balance my text heavy post,

enjoy all the photo inspiration from around my neighborhood,

& new york city, scattered in randomly)

i know one of the most asked questions around the crafty world would have to be

"can i make this my full-time job?"

... and i can't really say, i kicked it to the man, as my hours were simply cut into non-existence.

although, i'm sure that would've been satisfying. 

inspiring texture on a tree

but anyway, despite it, i find myself in a position to "full-time craft"... 

something i briefly dabbled with when i graduated in 08 & the recession knocked us all down. 

however, when i was trying it out then, i had the lovely cushion my future-family-in-law provided

by not having to pay any rent or electric or groceries. they really let me freeload off them. 

but in my defense, i baked a lot of cupcakes to pay my stay ;)


then i moved to new york. 

and well, a big expensive city is not exactly ideal for "full-timing it" 

and so i sucked it up and got some part time gigs & then a full-time one, 

and then scaled back to part-time, to fill my belly via steady pay check.


since i was previously putting 20-25 hours of my energy into a desk job, 

now that my hours have been cut- i've redirected all that creative flow into Lai Grai. 

i have to say.... full-timing it is my favorite thing ever! 

at the previous pace, i was putting in about 50% of work into LaiGrai a week. 

now at 100%, let's just run through everything i accomplished this week, 

since i have been able to work from home ALL DAY since wednesday the 26th of may. 

these are not necessarily in order... but here it goes:

1. i set the stage & shot the first round of the Lai Grai photoshoot for the ply away collection.

i also followed up & shot details of knitwear on my antique dressform.

2. i purchased


& made my website

and SET A DATE FOR THE LAUNCH! check out my etsy shop on JUNE 16th!!!

(my new website includes a giant countdown!)


detail of knit piece

3. i have been crocheting my fingers off. mixture of finishing pieces,

reworking older pieces that had been sitting, over-dyeing, spinning to crochet more.

i also carded a TON of batts - 12 to be exact.

4. networking (part of the kick-me-while-i'm-down of losing my hours

was me feeling like i had ZERO friends in this city.

however, after the dust had settled, i realized i have at least THREE very good pals here.

so shout out to rachel & julie & jesse for havin' my back.

truly love you guys!)

5. i filled out paperwork for biz bank account.

i filled out paperwork for sales tax & resale license.

i have been researching accounting.

i changed/updated etsy accts/paypal accts etc to be up to date. 

6. i have been working on my branding image and packaging.

i emailed the designer of the font for permission to use it commercially.

i purchased custom stamps. custom labels are in the works. 

7. i have been a more active blogger, twitter-er,

tumblr, ravelrer, flickr photo-er, & online friend.

i set up the grid-work for

the tour de fleece

(we spin, while they cycle for the tour de france... do you guys remember this from last year?)


over-dyed knitwear experiment 

8. i realized that work-at-home people don't have delineation between the times of day.

every single day i've been full-timing it, i have forgotten to eat lunch.

eep! i'm half-eating a bagel right now that i just forgot about until i typed this.


9. plus i've been keeping up with the "house" stuff.

like baking and cooking and cleaning.

all things i actually enjoy doing.

yes, i'm a bit domestic.

but if i think it's fun and satisfying- i'm gonna do it.

so. yes! i got all that done & more!! 

(& i'm sure things i've forgotten) in only 8 days!

on TOP of former-work drama.

but it's not like i slaved all through the weekend.. 

now that i have the week to work- jesse and i can go on outings

without guilty feelings like, oh, man, i should be working on my biz stuff!


because our memorial day weekend was filled with WALKING. 

we walked all around williamsburg, and then over the bridge

and then all the way up to union square!! 

i'm sure i've lost weight. 

i've been waking up at 8am with jesse so we can hug-it-out before he leaves for work.

and let me tell you, waking up at 8 and rolling outta bed

and hitting the computer is sooooo much easier than a 40+ minute commute. 


now, i haven't launched yet. so no money is coming in. so not the most ideal. 

but POWERING through and really WORKING has moved my launch date from "june/july" 

to mid-june. to right around the corner. to 12 days, 3 hours, 16 minutes. 

and let me say, that countdown on my website is not just for your excitement

(but it is exciting, yea????)

it's also to remind me that i'm MERE DAYS from my dream of a being a legitimate entrepreneur. 

all the forms filled out. a debit card with LAI GRAI on it. the most satisfying thing ever. 

seeing my dreams come true! i have been aching for this moment since 2007. 

and i feel like getting my hours cut was just a big ol' push to hurry up and make it happen already! 

so we'll see if i can keep full-timing it. 

but i know that with all of your wonderful support,

that every day gets me one step closer to keeping it going. 

i have all of JUNE to try it out.


and after that, i can crunch the numbers and make sure that i'm at a level i'm happy with. 

i was smart & knew that this big launch was around the corner 

and really pinched my pennies while i worked at the office, so i have a little nest egg 

(certainly not a lot! i do pay big bucks in rent), 

but enough that you don't need to think i'm not eating lunch b/c i can't afford it. hahaha.


anyway, i'm going to try to keep you all posted on what it's like to be full-timing it! 

and if you are a full-time crafty lady (or man), how do you break up your day? 

do you find that you're really craving a walk/change of scenery by the day's end?

do you get lonesome and obsessively check your twitter? 

*haha, clearly this is something i suffer from*

love you all!