dedicated to you

as you all know, 

the Lai Grai launch date (JUNE 16th) is rapidly approaching.

we are EIGHT days away from the big day!

all day on june 16th, the

Lai Grai etsy shop

will be filling up with all my new products

until it is literally brimming with hand-knit, luxuriously packaged, enticing goods.

then at 5pm (eastern time)- we will start to PARTY!

but why throw a party if your favorite people can't attend?

in case you didn't know who these "favorite people" are... they're you guys!

legitimately, my fiber friends are my best friends.

no one understands the lure of soft silk or the crimp of a fine fleece like you darlings.

you're invited!!

so this party will be held online. a bash for my world-wide pals!!

all you need to do is sign on to twitter & search for the hash tag



then you will enter a separate feed stream that features

only people tweeting about the launch, the party, the fiber & fun!

so add the #LaiGrai tag to your tweets to participate in the party!

here's why you should participate:

1. i'll be giving away free party favors 

for the party guests who place orders during 5-8pm EST!

2. for those in my

ravelry group

, or on

my tour de fleece team

you know we know how to laugh up a storm/ rock a party!

3. i will at the ready to answer any questions about any of the products

or simply anything you feel like asking!



this party is dedicated to you! 

to the spinners, to the felters, to the weavers, to the dyers, to the carders.

specifically to ALL the amazing fiberistas that assisted me with the collection.

i LOVED creating a collection where part of the concept was HOME.

i used a lot of other etsian's batts & fibers because

i adored getting that fiber

from your home to my home.

when a few of the participants heard that their fiber

was destined for my ply away home collection, 

they started dyeing MORE fiber in the colorways i was looking for,

enabling me to buy more from independent fiber artists.

not every collection will be set up this way,

as it does increase my cost of materials.

but loves, let me tell you, it was worth it!

each piece has the soul of, not just me, 

but also, what i will be calling my "featured fiber artists."

now, they didn't hop a plane and come craft me.

but by providing a supply with such handmade energy,

i was able to spin with "them" in a way.

each listing will acknowledge which fiber artists

provided lovely gorgeous fluff or yarn

to that particular piece in the collection.

i know as a fiber art community, 

we are all aware of the buying & selling that happens within our unit.

not many other fields have the capacity to create the product themselves, 

but instead choose to turn to their "competitors" to share their wares. 

and that's just it,

i don't think we view each other as competition at all.

we're simply friends who love fiber.


thank you!

ply away ghosts

i really could not have made "ply away home" what it is without all of you.

thank you all for the gorgeously inspirational supplies:

sara (


), faun (


), lacey (



brie (


), steph (


), natalie (



tara (


), liz (



sandy (

homestead sheep&wool


megan (



thank you all for the support!

especially everyone in my ravelry group & my twitter friends:

dani, emily, danika, jere, sharon, jenn, linda, 

maya, jessi, christina, veronika, wendy, rachel-marie,

rachel, xiane, erin, laura, and so many more lovely people!!

& of course, can't forget you loyal awesome blog readers. :)

can't wait to see you all on 

JUNE 16th!

love, laila

*final shout out- this brilliant twitter party idea was sparked by the most-web savvy fiberista i know,

tara of blondechicken

. if you want to learn to rock your social networking, i highly recommend her "share your thing" class.  i recently took tara's awesome pricing class, and it has given me a lot of food for thought!