banana kiwi muffins!


i followed this


+ made some minor changes.

banana kiwi muffins!

i added an extra 1/2 tsp of cinnamon to the recipe

& i used strawberry-vanilla yogurt (what i had, recipe calls for plain or vanilla)

& omitted the oil + added 1/2 a banana or so extra

because i only had 2 kiwis instead of 3.

they turned out fantastic!!

whenever i buy bananas they get too ripe

(stupid hot weather making them mushy in a matter of minutes doesn't help either)

so i have to get creative with what i make.

you can only make banana bread so many times...

banana kiwi muffins!

also, now that i have more free time on my hands,

i love that i get to stay at home & bake & cook and knit.

dream life!

however, quiche + baked tilapia + muffins are the three big things i made this week.

and it's kinda ridic to turn the oven on during an 80+ degree day.

any ideas for not super hot meals to make?

what are your favorite things to make in the summer?

love you all lots,


p.s. i joined a new ravelry group called

Let's Cook

& i posted my muffins today! fun!