what goes up, must come down.

oh my darlings!

this week really kicked my butt. not exactly in a good way.

but i mean, that's life.

ups & downs.

i knew that getting my camera in one piece (not broken) +

finding an awesome dressform

was much too good to happen in a row.

so now i'm in a bit of a slump,

but i'm sure that just means something great will be around the corner.

i don't want to dwell on the downs.

(i'm just starting to feel better about everything today, so no looking back!!)

so let's talk the positives!

one of the ups:

i started photo-shooting for the lai grai launch this past weekend.

i leaked a sneak-y peek on my

flickr photostream

& my

ravelry group


i'm gonna show you guys (my loyal blog pals) a different peek or two. b/c that's how i roll.


one of the many rovings that will be listed during the


launch! coming mid-JUNE!


as a bonus, here's an "outtake" from the shoot (not going to be used)-

despite, i wanted to share some of the actual set pictures here with you guys!

i had a lot of fun doing this photo session and

there will be more shoots to come as i finish up more pieces!


inspiration photograph from walking around nyc on friday!

so to briefly talk about the downs, since you all are my support system...

i lost a lot of my freelancing hours.

i mean, that's the bummer about freelancing. it is a case-by-case basis.

but i feel like since i recently was making a big push forward for lai grai... maybe this is a sign?

anyway, the unexpected nature of the cut was what really knocked me off balance.

but i'm getting my footing back.

and this only encouraged me to move up the deadline for the launch.

lookout around mid-JUNE for Lai Grai's grand opening!


and thanks for letting me get that off my chest.

i've been kinda boo-hoo-ing about it all week. :(

love you all lots!