this post is overdue.

i just get on these other internet social networking binges and totally forget to blog. i'm chatting away on ravelry, or totally tweeting up a storm, i've even been on my (personal) facebook more... but blogger, you get often rejected. so sorry!

uh... okay, i'll be honest. even now, when i went over to link these up. i got sucked into the ravelry world and spent 30 minutes updating my group's page. yikes!

but in my defense, we were talking about the batt club over on the rav group. and how could i concentrate when april's offerings of:



turned into:


THIS!  yum!

photo & spinning credit goes to my dear pal, jenn aka inoxia.

stolen (with love) from her


so... back on track. blogging. what was i saying?

OH! may 18th i have my meeting with NY's small biz association. so excited about that /nervous. but ya know, i've been writing down soooo much

about my mission statement and my target market and the type of products.

AND speaking of products i have come up with a new design!

wait, TWO new designs since we last chatted. maybe even 3 new designs? idk, guys.

it's definitely this new space. thank you ikea for making my work zone awesome!

the revamped studio :)

(above) my new reorganized studio thanks to ikea.

*except now those cubbies are filled with yarn, too*

spin corner (rearranged)

and the "gallery" of my knitwear *really crochet-wear*

except all the skeins of yarn in the picture are now crocheted-up

& the rovings in the basket are now may's fiber batt club.

anyyyway, fingers crossed that i can launch lai grai in JUNE/JULY. so it's coming up.

and do you see that wall?

that's proof that even though i might be a lil bit of a delinquent when it comes to blogging,

i certainly know my way around a crochet hook. :)

til next time!

lots of wool+lots of love!