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official biz + new acquisitions

hello friends!

so much to tell you!!

first, lai grai is now an official biz in the state of NY! oh yesss.


here's a snippet of my official stamped & sealed biz certificate!

also, on thursday, after going to the

ny design room

gallery opening and dining with my great pal julie  of


l at the ever delicious

pies n' thighs

(all these things are within like two blocks of me, haha. except julie, she's like 10 minutes by bike in greenpoint ;) still very close). anyyyway, after going to din... on my walk home i walked past THIS:


a gorgeous antique dressform- complete with antique stand! she's standing outside my apt door right now, guarding it in a way, also so i can continue to spray her with febreeze until the musty smell dissipates.

AND, after that lovely find, my brand new camera arrived the very next night! friday night i took as many pictures that i could stand with "auto" and then this morning, i hopped outta bed to start tinkling with the manual settings. well, now. manual. manual. oh, how i missed thee.

testing out macro

cool found wooden octagon frame!

back in high school, in my sophomore year, i took a photo class. where we actually developed film in the darkroom and i got to use enlargers and experiment with all sorts of photo-stuff. annnnyway, all of that came flooding back. oh my friend, the f-stops. depth of field. being able to actually isolate your subject matter in the way YOU want to.


vintage needlepoint clock purchased at junk (when i went to get props for the photoshoot)

instead of just hoping that my dumb point & shoot would locate (put it in a square) what i wanted - i would repeatedly just click the button half-way until it finally got the right zone highlighted. but dang, that method takes FOREVER. no wonder out of every 500 pictures i had 20 i liked.


my new camera (pic courtsey of amazon)

so i'm in love with my new camera. i had been saving up for it forever. and the TWO most talked about items that i continued to lust over came into my possession in TWO days. back to back. i mean, the camera, that was all me. but THANK YOU UNIVERSE for the dressform. it's perfect.

also, just in my life, i rearranged my bedroom & living room last weekend. and

today, i re-potted some of my plants. :) life is pretty darn good over here.

lemon thyme

and every day brings me closer to being ready for the lai grai launch. i know some of you are pretty anxious to see what is going in this ol' studio. so here are couple sneak peeks. but ya know, i don't want to spoil the big reveal. so savor these. and know more goodness is yet to come!


lots of love,