hunt + gather

the ply away home collection

has really become

the collection for the launch of lai grai.

hunt + gather
ply away home photoshoot props

with all the wearables almost complete for the grand opening-

i have started to gather props for the photoshoot.

from around my apartment, to my neighborhood's local shops.

ply away home color palette

the mood of ply away home

is filled with fields of wheat and outlines of lace,

terracotta dried flowers and silken threads,

watercolors dreams and vintage beads.

this ephemera will probably appear in the collection's shoot.

but even if it doesn't, you'll FEEL where i'm coming from.

vintage still life

now to find the perfect dress to compliment all the texture of the knits.

no pressure. haha.




did you see

lai grai

's new sections?

they should start getting you excited for the grand opening!