gearing up for the launch

i am incredibly excited for the lai grai launch!

it is tentatively scheduled for june/july 2010.

and with my small biz meeting right around the corner (in 3 days!)

i have been cranking cranking cranking in my studio!!

getting LOTS of work done.


i found the perfect dress for the photoshoot!


it's a simple white dress with a nice cut.

but not distracting from the texture of the knits at all.

most recent pic from the studio (from yesterday morning):


i've spun like 5 new yarns. dyed new rovings. wash & dyed new fleece.

i'm working on "finishing" the knits (edgings, weaving in ends, tidying)

also, i'm attempting to follow up on a couple of ideas i had, and then never pursued.

i placed a pretty big supplies order (supplies always inspire me!)

i dragged out my sewing machine (where i'm headed once i finish typing)

all & all, i really think this lai grai shop is going amazing.

haha, and i haven't even thrown open the doors yet.

also, if you're not on my


, you should be!

(i've been bad & haven't sent out a mailing in a few months!)

but i'm going to make it up with a lai grai launch edition coming soon.

& there might be some coupon codes you would like to see. hinty hint.

that's all for now.

i'm having a hard time not revealing too much

before the launch.

i still want you all to be surprised & excited.

love you all to bits!