bonus crochet pictures

okay, so even though i blogged. those in the rav group had already seen inoxia's lovely yarn & batt pictures. and for those who follow my flickr photostream, they had already seen my studio space.

so that's not very exciting for them. so as a bonus. i quickly scanned in my TWO newest designs. not enough to reveal what they are (so a bit of a tease) but enough to show you how some of the yarns crocheted up! :)

two fairly new spins- one single ply from a handsandnotions batt (the more peachy one) + a two-ply yarn with handsandnotions alpaca silk merino roving (the maroon ply) and merino fleece (the brown ply). both crocheted together into a wearable.

this one features corespun yarn from moonrover batt and also single ply cloudlover roving (with loop blingpaca cocooned over top) in bronze petals colorway and one of my batts spun single ply + wild, plus hand-dyed cormo/rambo fleece. see the crimp? and black lurex auto-wrap. yessss. this one is much bulkier than the first. they are both the SAME NEW DESIGN. hint.

i have been loving & using LOTS & LOTS & LOTS of other fiberistas wonderful supplies. i adore that we are one of the few self-supporting communities of crafters.

and i'll see you back here soon for some more blogging, okay pals? :D

love love!