perfect living room seating + giveaway winner!

hello hello hello!!

my arms are ACHING as i type this, so i'll be brief.

first up- GIVEAWAY! lucky number 4 was picked as the winner by random! congrats emily aka bricolage studios- you win!! you get your choice of a skein of handspun or a fluffy fiber batt. i'll message you to find out- but you can also leave your selection in the comments. YAY!

and thank you all for participating and reaching out with your lovely commentary. it really helped me narrow it down & make a choice. :)

second- the reason why my arms are sooooo tired....

jesse & i finally found our perfect living room seating! and trust me, we had just started to pull our hair out & fight with each other over this biiig purchase. since most couches cost upwards of $500 and are very heavy and bulky, and we don't have a car... it was a pickle from the start. last week, we decided that we should get two matching armchairs instead. so smart, since we are three flights of stairs up! but we still hadn't found anything that was charming and comfy....

then today, walking past the salvation army. we saw two matching armchairs! 39.99 each! ($87 with tax). tufted, velvet, lovely wooden details. we had to carry them TWELVE 12!! blocks home. one at a time. b/c they are fairly heavy. and then up the stairs. then back to the salvation army because we only had an HOUR to get the both! yikes. but we conquered!!!!!!

look how amazing they are!!!!

our new armchairs!

i'll leave you with this happy picture! :D hehe. also, speaking of apartment pics- i put a bunch up!!! so be sure to check out

my flickr set called "williamsburg apt"

as we haven't come up with a name for the place yet. :)

big big big big big tired hugs!!!