before the twist is set + inspiration

happy snow day folks!


(picture by jay davies)

i got to stay home from work today due to the blizzard in nyc.

the day was spent prepping for our big move (meaning cleaning!)

i sorted through old magazines!  instead of hoarding the whole issue, i tear out my fav bits and tuck them into my inspiration binder. i think some of the collages are starting to get to a really nice place. good feeling to 'em.


also, i've been neglecting my newly spun yarns. i keep forgetting to set the twists on them, since i like to do it all at once. let a whole stash accumulate and then give em a bath together. haha. bathing with friends saves water! :)

anyway, since scanning textures is my new favorite thing...

here's the fresh batch of spins headed for a hot soak.

ply away home - 2 ply handspun yarn

two ply for "ply away home" here you can really see all the colors +texture!

ply away home - corespun

corespun for ply away home (if you look right where i tied it off, you can see the core peeking)

ply away home - extreme bulky & thin, granny stacks, poofs, WILD

ply away home, wild yarn. extreme thick n' thin

ply away home - rambo/cormo fleece with lurex & silk cocoons

we've been having a chat about my latest obsession,

indonesian silkworm cocoons

over on my

ravelry group


they are awesome.

i've been tucking em into packages.

naturally golden!!

enjoy your snowy wonderlands pals!

i'm having a great time

all snuggly with knits