sketchbook tuesdays

remember a while back when i introduced sketchbook tuesdays? well, i just realized it's tuesday and definitely time for a blog post. PLUS i wanted to show you all some sweet watercolors from my watercolor moleskinne. i love the long horizontal *or vertical* pages. and i find myself creating scenes in the book most often.


this is a monster. i love drawing monsters. and mountains. i always specifically laugh and ponder that one lyric  "first there is a mountain, then there is no mountain, then there is." from donovan. drawn with watercolor pencils & washes.


this is another older one, i am trying to remember when i first got this sketchbook. the houses were drawn first. the monster (above) came later. anyway, i love this one. because of the more muted color palette *wayyy before i became obsessed with it as of late!!* and because i used an ink line work first and then colored it. instead of just watercolors... or inking lines after..


oh cocoa! this is definitely part of the ply away home collection. and logs have been in my work for ...ever? i'm trying to think back on when i first fell for them...


this is a sculpture i did at MICA... log arms. i took a log, i sawed it in half, and then i carved two niches for the logs in another bigger log. almost like splicing... i loved having all those logs around my house. haha, the ryan men really did not like having to keep carrying them every time we moved apartments. fair enough. but one day i'll make some more!


this is the most recent. gumdrops & watercolors... and although, it mimics sugar perfectly, the watercolor has been sprinkled with sea salt! love the texture on the roof of the cabin. it's this lace pattern that i've been drawing for like 5 years now.. i just doodle it. but i LOVE LOVE it contained in a triangle, or just a roof space, instead of it's usual sprawl. it makes it really look like that house is wearing a pink cap! frilly lil top & all. and that just makes me smile. and the collaged tree.. stump pic + party dress (pic of fabric from magazine) tree. i feel like it perfectly balances the cabin. haha, but i'm not sure yet of the watercolor tree...


and, i found this on my computer and can't believe i hadn't shared yet. if i have, please forgive. i just adore the way scanned knits have such a MOOD! jubilee is captured in such a pure, ghost like, essence!! you can really see where i manipulated the corespun yarn... i just feel like it shines  in this picture. right?!

i realized also that i go through blogging BURSTS and i feel like oh, i shouldn't write two posts in one day, b/c i should save that content because i go through dry spells too where i forget to write... but you know what? by the time i'm on my next kick thinking, i want to blog, i've already moved PAST the previous obsession. so from now on, i'm not going to think of blogging as anything more than sharing. and that it doesn't have to be longer than 140 characters, haha, jk.

anyway, i hope you all having been enjoying the eye candy. i will be back with more amazing runway knits soon with the spring shows out & all!!

& thanks for all the comments! :)