so i have recently become addicted to google reader. and i have to say, the blogs i find the most compelling and the most R I C H and inspiring are basically photoblogs.

however, i happen to be a chatty person. and often feel compelled to ramble on & on about why i'm obsessing over this or that. so, for this blog post i'm just gonna blast some photos that i'm really crushing on!

i have been scouring the interwebs for delicious knitspirations!!


my freeform crochet natural white merino hat for sus


from the

fashioning felt exhibit at cooper hewitt

obviously oversized chunky bohe-mythic knits have been all the rage recently, and i can't help but swoon a bit too.

but you know what else that has been winning me over? drawing!


especially these knitwear centric + animal illustrations by

julia pott

(and yes, i did order a set of her christmas cards so i could own one of each!)

hope this was inspiring to you folks!

& if yes, then i will start photoblogging more often

and ramble blogging less. ha!

xoxo, L

p.s. if you've seen something recently that really made you SWOON, please share!

i'm looking for new blogs to follow all the time! and

have been specifically SEARCHING for interesting/compelling knits!

leave the links in the "love notes" :)