happy holidays!! + new goodies for 2010

happy holidays everyone!!!

finally only THREE days til xmas!

have you finished all of your last minute gifts?


my winter wonderland :: it snowed here!!

i just closed up the

rawfish shop

for some quality holiday time with jesse!

i put up pictures of our decor & tree on


- just some quick ones i snapped.

our house is even more festive nowadays with all our handcut snowflakes everywhere!

i'll definitely have more pix after christmas when i can share the gifts i made/got everyone!


our tree! & the pile of presents!

the shop will reopen in



i'm kinda excited that it is closed right now though.

you know why? hehe, because then i can "steal" any of the inventory that had just been chillin'

and if i feel inspired, i can knit it up! spin those batts! card those rovings! anything!! haha, it's like a free day of shopping in my own shop! :D merry xmas to me, lol!


let's just say, this one has already been crocheted... haha! ;)

anyway, when the shop does reopen in january, i will have a slew of new goodness for you to eyeball & imagine cradling in your arms! and not just new yarns, there will be new batts, and new hats, and new watercolors and just new. fresh and new. and themed. because i will also be unveiling my top secret collection i have been working on. okay, well, collections. :) super small, limited edition, experimental collections.


sneak peek into the collection (s)

i'll leave you to ponder that! and i will see all you super lovely fiberistas in the new year!!!

YAYYY! & xo to the moon!

love, laila