surprisingly useful random household object

Wine Cork Graveyard

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yes, they are neat to collect & remember fond wine sipping of night's past.  but they are my "surprisingly useful random household object" of the week!

we all know they are fabulous for making trivets, and glued together to make a new corkboard. but have you considered that they are basically just tiny spools waiting to be used?

i have recently taken to keeping my cork collection near my studio, and when i notice a snippet of thread that would otherwise go to waste. i grab a cork, wind it around, and voila!  mini bobbin of yarn!

it's also perfect for spinning art yarns: you want to keep multiple wraps/cores/threads going at once, or ready drop into a yarn a moments notice! corks= keep your threads/novelty yarn spin-ins organized so you have one less thing to keep your hands on! :) 

you're welcome!

xo, laila